Yoga With Kei

Yoga With Kei
kundalini yoga, yin yoga and meditation

Yoga with Kei

Kei Watanabe is a Berlin based yoga instructor and musician. Her classes are gentle and fun, with a focus on functionality, mental wellbeing and exploration.

Kei Watanabe

Kei's journey with yoga more than 10 years ago. She began her first teacher training in 2013 in Bangalore, India after completing her Bachelors in Psychology. Her interests lay in healing and mysticism has lead her to study various modalities of energy medicine under different teachers around the world.

What I Do



Gentle Kundalini Yoga

This is a class for those who want to take it slow. Gentle movements, with plenty of room to adapt according to your needs. We will start with a light warmup.

The practice will include movement, breathing practices, chanting, eye focus and meditation.


Kundalini Meditation

This class is open for everyone. Ranging from 3 to 33 minutes of meditations that includes a combination of breathing practices, mudra (hand positions) dristhi (eye focus), mantra (chanting) or silence.

A range of meditation to invite beauty, health, balance, prosperity and power into our lives.


Yin Yoga

In this class, we will hold each pose for 1-3 minutes. We don’t use the body to get into the pose - we use the pose to get into the body.

Adjusting to your body’s needs is of utmost importance - which means the use of props is highly encouraged if needed. A time to hang out with your body, without any rush.

What you can expect at a

Kundalini Yoga Session

Kundalini Yoga is a combination of movement that can be dynamic or gentle, breathwork, chanting, hand positions, and eye focus.

At its core, the Kundalini practice helps one to bring more awareness and presence in each moment.